A life time in the ocean

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I have always thought of myself as being lucky. I was born in a city, but at the age of two the family moved and i grew up with the ocean on my doorstep. My earliest memories were, sneeking of and climbing cliffs, sitting for hours mesmerised by the ocean and its movements. I grew up in Cornwall and my first memories of surfing was bodysurfing and surfing wooden belly boards. Forty years later and I still get that excitement of smelling the salt in the air and watching swells roll in. I have been very fortuitous to live in Australia for nearly two decades now. I left the cold behind when i was about eighteen as the cold water and long winters didn't agree with me. I use to work the summers in Cornwall, then escape the winters for friendly climates and new waves. I have called Margaret River and North Stradbroke island home and i am very blessed to call the Sunshine coast in Queensland home now for over a decade.

I grew up mainly surfing short boards and surfing full throttle. I got into bodysurfing fifteen years ago and in the last couple of years discovered the fun of a long board.

I always enjoyed taking photos and always volunteered to take photos, or film friends wedding and parties. I always did it for the enjoyment. It is only in the last five years, that I have started to take photos in the water.

There is no better feeling than diving into a ocean full of swell with a pair of flippers. It's the closest you come to freedom.

Due to injuries I was unable to surf for a while but I was lucky that i could still put flippers on and float around and take photos. In the last couple of months I have printed some of my images and was pleased how they looked enlarged.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope that you enjoy the Photos.

Digital copies of any image, are available for any body who needs a picture for charity or that they are using for a good cause.

Statham Evans.


Dangerous Currants

A new style of hand board for bodysurfing coming soon. For the last four years i have been designing and working on a unique and new way of using a hand plane to aid you in bodysurfing.

Flippers & Handboards and safety

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    Hand boards, hand planes, hand guns are like small surf boards that fit in your hand to help you glide across waves when you are bodysurfing. Years ago some body surfers use to use fast food trays to body surf with. There are many hand boards on the market today for all kinds of waves, from fast waves, slow waves, shore dumps and big waves.
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    I couldn't imagine a life without flippers. Flippers are one of the most important tools for bodysurfing. It doesn't matter how good of a swimmer you are, the ocean is a different playing field. Flippers help you stay a float and swim for hours without using much energy, also the speed you can get from them to help you catch the waves. There are so many different styles of flippers for all conditions of waves.
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    It doesn't matter how good a swimmer you are in a swimming pool, always be aware of the ocean and the changing conditions. If your going for a surf or body surf and you think that it is out of your league, then it usually is. Never be pressured to go out. The ocean is very powerful and conditions can change very quickly. Look out for rips, check tide times so you no when there might be a change in the ocean. Stay safe.