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lifes better in flippers

The feeling of swimming out in the ocean and body surfing is the best feeling.
I have never had a bad body surf but have had plenty of bad surfs on surf boards. A lot of people stop surfing over time due to injuries, there to busy or reckon they are getting to old. I have suffered from back and knee injuries in the last few years, which limited my surfing, but I was lucky that I could still grab the flippers and get in the water. I have made a new style of hand board for body surfing and when I talk to some people who haven't been in the ocean for years, they talk about when they use to surf or body surf, you can see that sparkle in their eyes.
Life is busy and the body does slow down with age, but you have to keep it moving. The ocean rejuvenates you, makes you feel refreshed, keeps you healthy in body and mind.

Get out there.

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dangerous currants
a new style of hand board coming soon

A new style of hand board that anybody can use.
The new dangerous currant hand board has been designed so it is easy to hold and paddle with. The hand board can be used by all ages and in all conditions. It is ideal for beginners or for people who have body surfed all there life. It is designed so you can swap from your left hand to your right hand in a second.

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the joys of flippers

Get some flippers. If you love the ocean and have never body surfed or swam in the ocean with flippers, try it. It's the best feeling on a summers day, when theres small and clear waves breaking.
Always stay safe.

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