A life time in the ocean

I have been fortuitous to spend all my life in, or near the ocean. I have surfed some amazing places around the world and met so many awesome people along the way. I am lucky to call the Sunshine coast, Queensland, Australia my home for the last 12 years.

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Life through the lens

I have always loved taking photos and seeing life differently through the lens. In the last few years I have been in and out of the surf, due to injuries, but I have been lucky enough, to be able to still get in the water. Floating around in the ocean, body surfing and catching waves with the camera..

From an early age, I always played in the waves, then travelled and chased the endless summer. I found it:)

Get out there

every wave is different


I grew up surfing in cold water and the images of people surfing in tropical waters and wearing board shorts amazed me. The colours of the water and the shape of the waves left my mouth wide open. I did see and surf amazing waves in Europe, but the images of paradise and warm water called me.
I still get the feeling of pure joy, when i'm just about to jump into the ocean in board shorts and a pair of flppers.

Stormy weather

When your heart and soul belong to the ocean,
it's a strange feeling, when there is a big storm or cyclone approaching, or if it is out to sea.

The anticipation and thrill of what kind of swell is coming towards you is like nothin else.
When a swell hits it is hard to sleep the night before, then after the storm comes calm with lines to the horizon, blue skies and off shore winds.


When you spend most of your time in the ocean, there are always surprises.
It is amazing when you come in contact with sea life, dolphins are always gracing the line up surfing and cruising by, huge humpback whales launching to the sky and crashing down with a splash fifty yards away, turtles floating by, sharks keep you in check, big sea birds gliding above the waves, jellyfish doing there thing. Every day is different.

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